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Presentations for the 2022 Oxford Symposium

in School-Based Family Counseling Webinar August 4-6


Thursday August 4    8am PST                          Moderator: Brian Gerrard, PhD

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8am   Welcoming Remarks


8am PST  Internal Family Systems Therapy: School-Based Family Counseling Applications

Ralph Cohen, PhD, Director: Marital and Family Therapy Program, Central Connecticut University, Connecticut, USA


9am PST  Systemic Optimism Among Burnout in Schools

AAMFT Family Therapy in Schools Topical Interest Network:

Kathleen C. Laundy, PsyD, LMFT, Past Chair, Erin Cushing, LMFT, Current Chair, Eileen Klima, MS, LMFT, Mike Rankin, LMFT, Anne Rambo, PhD, LMFT, Chair Elect, Kimberly Welk, LMFT, Sandi Cox, LMFT

10am PST  How EdCamp Ukraine Affects the Lives of Teachers, Students, and Parents in the Times of War
Oleksandr Elkin, PhD, Head of Board and inspirer of EdCamp Ukraine &
Anna Yefimtseva, EdCamp Ukraine’s Methodologist
Kharkiv, Ukraine



Friday August 5          4am PST*      Moderator:  Gertina J. van Schalkwyk, PhD


*The presentations for Friday August 5 will be made at a more convenient time for our many members in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.


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4am PST   African Cultural Worldview and Indigenous Healthcare in South Africa: Psychological Context

Mokgadi Kekae-Moletsane, PhD, Department of Educational Psychology, University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa



5am PST  Buenos Aires School Intervention: An experience focused on Initial Education teachers 

Mirta Susana Ison, PhD & Daniela Fernanda González, PhD, Human, Social and Environmental Science Institute of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (INCIHUSA - CONICET), Technological Scientific Centre (CCT Mendoza- CONICET), Argentina.

6am PST Un Respiro de Vida, A Breath of Life: Giving Wings to Farmworker
Families During the COVID Crisis

Belinda Hernández -Arriaga, EdD, LCSW,
Assistant Professor: Department of Counseling Psychology,
University of San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA



    Saturday August 6       8am PST         Moderator:  Jackie Shinefield, EdD

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Meeting ID: 853 6647 2549 Passcode: 739837


8am PST   MakerMinds: an application of Maker Ed to School-Based Mental Health

Victoria Dimitrakopoulos & Christine Tippett, LCSW, LMFT Western Institute for Social Research, Berkeley, California


9am PST   The Disastershock Global Response Team High School Ambassador Program

Eileen Klima, LMFT,  Samantha Gaiera, Linden Koshland, Zarielle Lis, Avery Meadows, Julia Morav, Molouwa Olapegba, Simone Starbird, Harmony Tryon, Tara Vivrett, Talia Vivrett, Ava White   



10am PST  Using the Solution-Focused Approach with Immigrant and Refugee Students

Carol Buchholz-Holland, PhD, School Counseling Program Coordinator, North Dakota State University, Fargo, North Dakota, USA 


11am PST Presentation of:

Award for Outstanding Contribution for School-Based Family Counseling

Award for Best Practice in School-Based Family Counseling


11:15am  PST Closing Remarks

For detailed program with Presentation Abstracts Click Here 

Start Times for First Presentation of the Day

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2023 Oxford Symposium in SBFC
August 6-11, Brasenose College, Oxford

Held at Brasenose College in the heart of Oxford University, this week-long residential, international, interdisciplinary symposium brings together the "invisible college" of experts in SBFC.

Oxford from the Air

The stunning circular building on this video is the Radcliffe Camera, the reading room of Oxford University's Bodleian library. The college to the immediate right is Brasenose College. The history of Brasenose College stretches back to 1509, when the college was founded.  Its name is believed to derive from the name of a brass or bronze knocker that adorned the hall's door.