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School-Based Family Counseling: An Overview

School-Based Family Counseling (SBFC) is an interdisciplinary, integrative, systems approach to helping children succeed academically and personally through mental health approaches that link family and school.

Dr. Brian Gerrard gives a 25 minute overview of SBFC

Check out our recent books whose chapters were written mainly by our members. All proceeds go to scholarships to bring new members to our yearly Symposium.

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SBFC YouTube Channel

Check out our SBFC YouTube Channel where you can find  roleplayed videos demonstrating various approaches to SBFC. These videos were developed as a resource for the book: School-Based Family Counseling: An Interdisciplinary Practitioner's Guide.

At this YouTube channel there are 15 roleplayed videos on different aspects of SBFC:

  • First SBFC Interview with Parents Guardians

  • Conducting a Multi-modal Assessment

  • Narrative Therapy Interview

  • How to Do Conjoint Family Counseling

  • A CBT Approach to Family Counseling with Individuals

              Systematic Muscle Relaxation

              Cognitive Restructuring

              Systematic Desensitization

              Behavior Rehearsal

  • How to Consult with Teachers

  • Navigating Emotion in a Classroom Meeting

  • Facilitating a Parent Support Group

  • Conducting an Initial Wraparound Meeting

SBFC Overview: Inner_about
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