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The Webinar time slot for a presentation is 30 minutes.

Please leave 10-15 minutes for discussion and group interaction as your topic is likely to stimulate much interest among members.


It is important, also, that presenters clearly link their presentation to School-Based Family Counseling theory and literature. The best source for current SBFC literature is the International Journal for School-Based Family Counseling.






The attached Chapter 1 from the  text: School-Based Family Counseling: Transforming Family-School Relationships gives a useful overview. The chapter also includes the SBFC Model which provides a map for conceptualizing the variety of family and school interventions and may provide a useful way of linking your presentation to other SBFC interventions.







You should also familiarize your self with the SBFC Metamodel and how your presentation relates to it:






                                                    Program Format:

Moderator Introduces Presenter (2-3 minutes)

Presenter makes presentation (30 minutes)

When 5 minutes are left a bell (or similar sound) will notify the presenter.

Moderator facilitates discussion (14 minutes)

                                         Please mute your microphone on entry.

To ask a question during discussion:
a) Send the Moderator a message on Chat (Chat feature at bottom of your screen)
b) Click the Thumbs up sign in the Reactions feature at the bottom of your screen
The most recent copy of the Program is available at

In the event of technical problems that interfere with a presentation, we will stop the presentation for up to 10 minutes to try and resolve the problem. If the problem cannot be resolved, we will postpone that presentation and add it to the next day.